GROUP HUG Let's tell some stories.


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I wanted to remind some of the old members and enlighten the new one's as to what is really at the core of Hayabusa.Org

Whats at the core are its people,the members,you and me.

Feel free to post up any little positive stories you might have about a member or members helping you out.

Anyone who thinks this might be a little too cry-baby or emotional krap...feel free to flame me by PM.Don't mess up my good time thread.

Also not interested in any stories about me lending a hand to anyone.This is not about me trying to earn brownie points.

I want everyone to hear 'em all. Let's have it. Spill yer guts....

Ill start by saying the first time I got on this forum I read a lot of posts on how people from all walks of life had the same interests .
To me it felt like everyone was family and most of the "family " had never met face to face .
The first member to help me out was "Ogre" , I had just purchased my bike and it was lowered , I wanted to be able to ride it without scraping the bottom around here , ( Terrible Illinois roads ) .
I was really weary making any deal or trade of any kind from someone off the internet , but did it anyway so Ogre and I traded stock links for lowering links .
we were both happy and I made a friend .
I have always loved reading posts on the org. Except vabs posts they are just weird ...jk no seriously though she is weird .:laugh:

That's my :2cents:
Saiid, Blanca BUSA, helped me out of a jamb. He works at a ford dealer in Florida and he knew I needed a large SUV for my family of 6. He took in a very nice trade and sold it to me for cost. I flew out there, he picked me up and let me crash at his pad. I drove home the next day in my new ride.
Two of my most memorable moments in 13 years was the first time I met BlueHaya and his wife Lisa in Eureka, she was so freaked out that they were driving from Waco Tx to Eureka Springs Arkansas to meet up with a group of guys from the Internet... Lisa is one of my favorite people on this earth today, I am better for knowing her and Rod! The other is when Don passed away and they Org members that were present at the funeral were put in that side room out of view (Not intentional) but we played off that for a long time.. But when I got up to speak and told one of Don's favorite lines at his funeral, I stood at the podium and started out with "I met Don on the Internet"..... that line was followed with some good laughs from a lot of people that really needed it....

Lotsa good folk here on the board for the most part. I mean, hell...what board hasn't had growin pains? Just the process of evolution.

Alot of folks here are more than willing to help out...and they give pretty sound advice. I haven't had a chance to meet many people from location has a lot to do with that. However, the members that I have met up with were nothing short of outstanding. :D

I've met Revlis. That bastid absolutely refused to let me pay for anything. I met up with him when was working at Cycle Barn in Washington State (BTW, Rev...I still have the key chain! :) ). I even tried to sneak past a small Hayabusa model...he saw me at the register and did some kinda secret eye handshake/pact thingy with the girl there (she musta had the hots for him...she didn't even listen to what I was saying after that. Lol ) and ended up putting it on his account. On top of that...he even paid for dinner! Good man...good man. Prior to meeting him, I also met up with Ralphie...PaceMaster. For some reason my money wasn't good with him either. ??? Had dinner, couple of drinks (I still don't get how he could drink that beer...that was a little rough for me to put in my gullet. ) and even met up with his friend Richard. Both super cool cats...I'd have a drink with them anytime.

Then I met up with a bunch of peeps from Cali. Gunny, Devil Dog, lamb, CharlesBusa, BA Busa and PandaNin. Good bunch of folks, those guys...shoot, BA even picked up me up in his big HONKING HUGE truck and drove me down. Good times with those guys too...they definitely had comraderie.

That's not even scratching the surface with all the people that helped me out over the years. Bullet Train, Ba Charles, Ninja Eater, thrasherfox, grabntwist, SageRonin, mctrull, scotty, Rubbah, Nitrousjunkie, Pipefighter, Kentomoto...sooooo many!

A pretty danged good bunch of folks...that's for sure. It's a shame I'm not closer geographically to them. :)
When I put a post on here about my Dad being very ill, someone, I won't name them sent me a PM to ask about him.

This person has sent me a few PM'S since asking how he is, I am very grateful for this caring person taking their time to check up about how my Dad and me are doing.
One of the biggest things for me was when my wife was having complications with our unborn baby, Lil Charlie called me and helped me through a time that without him and his wife's input would have been MUCH harder. I have never met him in person nor had we had too much contact here on the org before that phone call.

I still thank him to this day for it whether he knows it or not. :beerchug:
You and I were going through the same issues buddy so it was just as helpful for me to talk to you about it. The best part is it worked out for the both of us. I know others that weren't so lucky.
Wow Rubb, so many thoughts are flooding my mind right now. I’ve been on here since 2002, and I honestly don’t know if I have one favorite story. This is a great community of motorcycle enthusiasts, and like other similar activities I have been involved in over the years, primarily racing, everyone comes together and helps each other when needed. A classic example of this is the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian.”

It never ceases to amaze me here on the Org how our members come together to help each other out. I have always tried to pay it forward when I can, either by giving something for free, or at a significantly reduced price. I have a very close personal friend, Sageronin (screen name) who has helped me more times than I can imagine. My hats off to every member here who has done a good deed. Keep it up everyone!

Wow, I honestly wouldn't even know where to start...all I know is that I have met the most amazing, funny, generous, thoughtful and caring friends, and I met them because of the oRg!! I have so many stories and thanks to offer about so many here, and have life-long friends that are a part of my daily life.

Either the lot of you really do care about me, or it's the most elaborate joke ever played on a blond :rofl: I don't care, I love you guys!! Plus, I have a lot of dirt on most of you that I won't hesitate to hold over your heads for personal gain... :rulez: :semi:

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Too many to remember, and I don't want to upset someone who gets forgotten. Heavy Busa, helped me by phone get the HIDs squared away in the '06 from Virginia. Great guy. BABUSA, all around great member. Still talk to him from time to time on the phone. He tries to keep me straight. Postal helped me out with some awesome color match grills for the '06 and was a part of my first meet and greet in Virginia / West Virginia. What a day. I had only owned the bike a few weeks and had not been on a bike in 25 years. MacFast, introduced me to the Bash and toured the mountains with me. Brought the '06 back from the '07 Bash when I totaled it. Never asked, just brought her home for me. Greg, Don, and Kevin have all gone home and are greatly missed by me. Hardly a day goes by when I don't think of them. All three were great , helpful members. Dawn and Randy booted their son and gave me his bed for the Busa Babe Bash. What a trip. Met Don and his wife enroute and rode to LA together. Don helped me with a great little MP3 player. It's stupid but all three of their phones are still in my phone.

So many people have been there for me over the years, it's just really too hard to thank all of them.

So many friends here and you know who you are. And yes, I will make some of these great rides, I'll just show up and we'll all laugh about it as you think .... what a crazy old bastid .

Spent several days in Vegas this year with Gary and Leigh from down under.

For me, as a whole, this is a good place. Thank You All.
so i joined the forum i aug 2008. one day i was on the forum just reading and learning about my new bike. as i scrolling thru threads ai happened upon a thread about a group ride in oklahoma happening at the end of the month. long strory short a few pm later im on my way to twotoneverts house to do a group ride. first one i have ever done on the busa let alone anything that would be considered a real day trip. now a little back ground, i had never meet any of these people i was going to go ride with. everyone who knew i was going thought i was crazy to go ride with a bunch of people i had never met let alone even remotely knew heck i didnt know a few peoples real names so i can say i was a bit nervous. but i shouldn't have been. james and juli welcomed me and my wife in like we were long lost family. put us up in there house for the weekend had a great ride, good food, got to meet some good people. one of the best expiriences me and wife have ever had. till we got to exprience the eureka spring mng.
thats what make this place so great. we dont judge a book by its cover and it shows how tight knit we are here as a family with a few screw balls thrown in to keep it exciting
One thing that stands out for me is the willing of all here to help others no matter what it is. We all go through good and bad times but no matter what, people here listen and help. You can always post troubles that you might have from changing a spark plug to going through a divorce and yes even loosing a loved one. Its always some here to listen and be willing to help. I have only got to meet a couple of people here and I have to say it was a pleasure to do so. It's not many sites you can go to and feel like everyone on here is a part of your family. So I would like to say Thanks to all for helping me through so of my troubles and to all the new members out there. Don't be shy about asking for help or just needing someone to talk to sometimes. We are all for here each other. Great thread!!
Some of the darkest days I have ever had were with members of this board, I wont go into it, but during those times I developed even deeper relationships with the people I spent those times with. Conversly, some of the best days I have ever had were with members of this board, the laughter, the sorrow...just the sharing of life. Life is about the memories we make and I will certainly never forget the times I have spent with you guys. I honestly feel that my life is richer because of the friends I have made and even though I dont talk to all of them on a daily basis, I miss you and cant wait till we meet again.