Greetings from down under

Buffo Busa

I've been hanging around this board for a little while now sussing it out. Now that I have a few posts under my belt I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm from the outskirts of Melbourne in south eastern's rather cold here at the moment. I've had my busa a bit over 2 years.

My posting handle comes from the fact that I am quite a Jimmy Buffett fan. I'm going to post some pics if I can figure out how to do it.

You won.  :)
For some reason my pics just aren't working, I can't seem to upload them to the upload centre either. :sad:

Why don't the pics come up when you preview the post?

This is me last year in Fiji pictured standing next to the worlds fastest boat. :eek:

Oh, I forgot to say, we drive on the left side of the road down here. ;)  That's me on the bike at the front (where else :)  )

I love Melborne and Cairns, Austrialia nothing but good memories there, you guys now how to treat tourist:cool:            Great barrier Reef land of the Great White . To bad I had an ear infection when I was up in Cairns I missed out on some good diving memories .
Welcome and cheers mate... :beerchug:

I've always wanted to make down to your corner of the world, someday...

If you preview the post twice you will see your photo.
Glad to have another of the fastest colored Busa's on the site...................Ks
:) Welcome to the board...Australian huh?

I happen to adore an Australian...hrmmm...what's his name...oh yeah, Mel Gibson! :D

Nice pics...beautiful bike...
:beerchug: Welcome. Not many aussies here. Lot's of seppo's though. LOL :D

You don't know anybody with an rc51 do you?

Now for a serious question that is off the wall. With right hand drive cars, in what order are the pedals and gear shift pattern?

Left hand drivers have gas on right, brake in middle, and clutch on left. Shift pattern, 1st and 2nd is near you, and 3rd and 4th is to the right.

Seriously welcome, aussies have a totally different language, cracks me up all the time.
Welcome, welcome !!! Hmm, now that winter is just around the corner here - can I come crash at your place - mmmm year long summer - how great would that be !!!
Hey! That's a great idea...let's all move to Australia for the winter! Got any extra Busas for us to use?