Greece vacation pic's


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just got back yesterday (12 day rip) and had a blast visiting my pop and half sister for the 1st time in his country. food is very fresh, women are beautiful & the people are very cool. here are a few random shots of Athens, Trikala, and Plantamona. i stayed 5 days in Plantamona & 5 days in Trikala where they live just outside Meteora. wish i had the bike because there are some real nice twisties around Trikala in the mountains.


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it's worth it but the 10 hr.flight and the 7hr. time difference chewed me up pretty good. :laugh:
It's the time advance that always gets me.
It'll be five am and ill still be wide awake.
Greece is an awesome place. So much history there thru many civilizations.
Wow, just beautiful!! I'd love to visit there one day :thumbsup:

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dug up a few more... my niece and freshly slaughter lamb from the local farmer, castle in plantamona, mount olympus at it's finest hour & the beach at new port.

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