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So I'm visiting Dad (GSXcite) down in KC this weekend and he tells me about this performance shop he found. Doyle and the Mrs. were going through town in the big truck so we hooked up to go check it out. Steve Smithers and his wife run a small but well equiped shop that specializes in busas. They also sponsor a stunt team and drag race a turbo/nitrus busa. The shop is called Smithers Customs in Olathe (just south of KC). He told me he will do a custom map for $150 and can tune for air/fuel or pure horspower performance only depending on what the customer wants. They had quite a few busas there that he was working on. Everything from turbos to putting together custom show bikes for customers. Eventhough he was obviously busy, Steve and his wife took time to talk to Doyle and I and we never felt rushed; he seemed like a real stand up guy. The also have a small retail store that dealt with everything from busa's to XR50's (which he also specializes in). The number to the shop is 913-768-8667 and the web site is Check him out!

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looks like a nice shop
I may have to look them up. If I decide to add boost, I need someone reliable and qualified to do the work. Thanks.
With not many bike shops around Wichita may have to keep them in mind. A few hour drive away but may be worth it.
Thanks for the info
Steve is top notch has worked on my bike. does excellent work. has customers from all over.
Looks like a great shop... I wish it was closer to me. I guess I'm immature because I couldn't get past this visual when I read the name.

Hands down the only guy who works on my bikes. PERIOD. Here's a pic of his personal turbo busa (minus the lowers) Cannot tell you how awsome his paintjobs look. DEEP DEEP colors.  As posted above              

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Yeah, we were drooling over it while we were there. The LED turnsignals were some of the most original things ive seen on a bike in a while. You can kind of see them in the plastics......I mean carbon fiber!
I may have to take a ride down there this spring. The only guy around here that I would trust to do a map is a b*tch to get ahold of....

Thanks for the heads up!