great experience with NJK leather


A good while back in June, I asked for help with getting a set of real leathers made. After 20+ or so emails, one SKYPE measuring session, and a trip to Kelcey's shop, I got mine. Things came together for a Friday night track session at the drag strip and I got there early enough to be able to run solo three times (they don't usually allow that). It took just a bit to get used to the new suit and being in my boots. When I first contacted NKJ, Kelcey told me I would need to visit his shop to be fitted correctly. I am not a fan of flying, but I agreed because the man's reputation is one of the main reasons I wanted him to do a suit for me. During the fitting at his shop, it became crystal clear why I needed to be there in person. It all came together at the track on my 4th run. It's amazing to be able to run at speed and not have anything loose, flapping around or otherwise moving. My thanks to those of you that turned me on to NJK and especially to Josh for his patience in PM's with all my SAQ.
With any luck, I am going to get one more trip to the track before Beeville next month. It won't set any records, but my pass on the 1/4 mile was at 127.01 MPH at 12.07 ET with a .130 reaction time. With the exception of a little exhaust work, and a PC5, it's stock in the engine department and fully suited up, it's carrying 326 pounds of rider and gear.