Great comedy at


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While this site was down, I was kind of bored since I dont watch TV. (Only rent movies). So I visited my, my old web/forum at (under zx11) to see whats going on. Just like this forum, most of the members are older/matured and always helping one another with great idea/tips. Very rare they exaggerate and bash one another. They dont go bashing against Busa the same way we dont go bashing ZX14. We all pretty much just speak freely without all B.S.
  Keep in mind, I've always been a Kawi man even though I once owned an Honda Intercpetor and a '82 Suzuki Katana 1100. But when it was time for me (this year) to replace my 96 zx11 (selling) for a more modern bike (FI, inverted fork, etc), I couldnt force myself getting the zx14. Reason? They took a beautiful line of sport/touring bikes like the zzr 600, zzr (zx) 1100 and the zzr1200 and ruined it.
  So that left me looking at the 'Busa. In the beginning, I was not crazy about the beak (nose), but I let it grow onto me. Otherwise, it looks beautful. (The frame resembles the zx11). The rest is history. I get on the bike and I just break in a smile  

  OK. let me shut up for now and get to the point. So while  this site was down, I got to watch a good comedy at  
 Check it out. You will cry laughing. Its a great site/forum where Kawi ZX14 people go bad mouthing about the Hayabusa. About how THEY are the new king of speed, how they smoked a Busa and etc. I dont how old these members are but I can assure U one thing. U cant compare them to the members of or

PS:I went to the dealer yesterday to buy new gaskets for my Yosh slip ons and came across a zx14. Sorry, still cant picture myself owning one. I dont think it can ever grow onto me. (I did ride a freind's zx14 and I still believe I made the right choice).