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Hey gang,
I am putting together a little local area riders website and need some help with a logo. I was gonna steal something off the web and rework it a bit so I could paste it up on the site make some stickers ... I am working on a VERY small budget so it would have to be cheap or free or maybe I could swap something for the help... ?
Or if anyone could point me in the right direction ... thanx - Kent

Here's what I like :

Something with an outlined bike and rider similar to these:

Hey Kent, I like the cycleworks. How soon do you need it? I can rework the cycleworks one real quick and I have a few others but I wouldn't be able to send them till tonight/tomorrow-FREE.

what format?? jpeg,eps,ai
well I can do somethings but others might be better... ala our sig file designers

I guess the question would be, whatchu want it to say/do or look like?
Personally, I like the samples above and the the words " NorCalRiders " below the graphic. Any help is appreciated. Thanx guyz, I'll remember U when I hit the big time!!
yeah I know it sucks, took 5 minutes of my time before work. Just giving some ideas.
I'm a partner in the website formation and thought I'd add that NCR is also a possible choice......which would dovetail with the OCC style logo.
Ok, another offering here to the graphics guyz : The winning graphic gets a couple of tickets from the next raffle! ( best I could come up with for now on limited $ ...
i figured the 'self proclaimed' photochop masters could help on this.

what gives guys
Kent sent you a email.

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