gps hookup, ignition or battery


wanted to redo my gps installation i currently have. Bought a cheapo 12v cig socket from local auto shop and hooked straight to battery, have it under the front seat taped together. Ordered boostbysmith's harness for 12v accessories that power it when ignition is on. Also have my battery tender pigtail harness laying in the trunk so i can plug in the tender when needed, so i ordered a 12" powerlet 12v socket that plugs into the battery tender lead. My options-install boostbysmith's harness and have the gps wired so it powers up with the ignition on, or install the powerlet socket in the trunk/plugged into the tender lead, and just plug the gps charger into it. Which would u guys prefer with a gps?


I'm running Boostbysmiths' harness to a Powerlet mounted in the left meter panel. I definately prefer having it powered through a switched supply.


i was thinking about using his harness to hook it up, using a usb cable that plugs into my gps, cutting off the usb end and just hooking it up to the plug he supplies. The way i have it hooked up now works 100% fine, just have to remember to always unplug it, which is no big deal, don't think i have accidentally left it plugged in once. I see all these guys with the sockets installed on the panels, but say u get caught in the rain with the gps plugged into the socket, water would have to seep into it after only a few minutes


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depends on the GPS and what you want to keep track of. If you have a trip timer like the Zumo and want total trip time and are like the info go to the battery. I have a Zumo, through autocom, linked to phone and SD card with mp3's. If I shut it down it has to reboot. Takes too long for me. I leave the power on through a separate switch. I can shut the busa off and still use the autocom and gps/music


i have a nuvi 780. When hooked up to the ignition and turn the bike off, the gps prompts a screen if u want it to power off or stay on, so no big deal with the trip timer and such. I guess maybe i will just put the powerlet outlet in the trunk for now, and install boost's harness when i get around to it

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