gps garmin V mount. home made.


Well broke out the welder and made a new gps mount for my bike, this is the just finished pictures before paint and wiring.

will post the rest when it is finished.
adding a plug for power
I have moved this mod off of my previous bike, a 2002 'Blade, to my current 'Bus but the kit is the same. If anyone wants to know where to source it, I'd be happy to aim you that direction.

I have changed from a GPS V to a ColorMap and while it is a bit larger, the color is much easier to see, especially when travelling at warp! :devil:

The mount is on an articulated arm that can be adjusted to allow for tank bag or clock position. Good for ove 160 MPH! :)


Been a while since I looked at this topic. Sorry!

Well, the girlfriend and I rode down with 2 couples and 2 guys to the south of France. Good fun all the way there and back. As many of you likely know, the Gendarmes (French troopers) don't really watch speeding at all and you have to do something really ludicrous like whip through a city at a ton twenty before they get their wick up.

With my 220 # ass, her considerably less mass, tank bag and throw overs we could only manage a 165 indicated. I guess that ain't bad for a 'Blade but it ain't comfortable for her or I; thus the exchange for a 'Bus. We are off again this summer and we'll see how we get on.

Meanwhile, I still have a GPSV but am now using a ColorMap on the 'Bus.