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I thought it was a plan to get all the gas guzzlers off the road? Motorcycles aren't really the gas guzzlers they may be looking for since they're fuel efficient...


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Maybe he meant we should be allowed to trade in gas guzzling cars & trucks (clunkers) toward the purchase of a new bike..?
I think they want to stimulate the economy by supporting auto sales. Also, if too many people go to motorcycles, fuel tax revenues will drop too much.


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I was thinking clunkers; trying to get the polluters off the road. I wonder if the Govment will have a repo policy :whistle:
It's not about getting polluters off the road. The cars of the early 80's were very fuel efficient. My Mom had a Ford Escort wagon that gets 38 MPG with four people an groceries in it.

If you look at the years of cars they are targeting, they are all cars produced BEFORE the manufactures started installing GPS trackers from the factory.

They claim that they can recycle the metal and use it again. The salvage lots are required to poor a slurry into the engine that hardens making the engine useless. The slurry can not be recycled because it is toxic, and must not be burned for disposal. The older cars in the salvage yards are also on a timeline to be destroyed in the same manner so the public can't get parts to keep cars older than 10-15 years old running.

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kill two birds with one handout....

get gas guzzlers off the road, and bribe people into buying American help auto industry.
according to CNN stats...Ford is the most popular to be turned in (explorer)...most turned in are American...most being bought...foreign:whistle:


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umm get rid of a car that's paid for so that I can have a payment for some years... seems like there's only a benefit for the lenders and car dealears.


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I'm not sure this has anything to do with saving gas. If that were so wouldn't they have a provision that says you could only buy a car that get 30 MPG? (wait, that would take a IQ over 45 and Congress FAILS that test).

I think it's about getting all of those poor soles who can't afford a new car (you know, the obama middle-class) into new car loans... which they will default on and we'll bail them out thus creating more sheep owing to the govt. It's about control.
back to the original question...I think it would be awesome to be able to take $3500-$4500 off the top of a new bike...but the reprocussions would prolly be horrid...remember last year with the influx of new riders that got bikes solely 'cause $ gas, the news covered the accidents instead of reduced emmissions?


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I think they want to stimulate the economy by supporting auto sales. Also, if too many people go to motorcycles, fuel tax revenues will drop too much.
I don't think it would matter if more people rode bikes they would just tell the oil companies to raise the price of fuel or increase the tax on fuel. Taking your money from you is one thing that the gov. be it federal or state is very good at.:laugh:

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