Got the Mod Bug


Hey gang,

Well I have had the Busa for almost a year, and got to thinking, and that's bad.

1. Extended warrenty, how much, worth it?
2. Yellow Box, does it work, hard to install?
3. Digital Gear position sensor, does it work?
4. Yoshi EMS, worth the trouble?
5. Pair removal and block off plates, worth it?
6. Tre on an 02, worth it?

I am thinking of going with the Yoshi Duel Tip, Carbon Fiber full race exhaust, that's why I ask.

Where I am today.


I just installed a Yellow Box last week. Yes, they do work. It can be a bit tricky to get the Busa to go an absolutely steady speed for along enough to get a very solid speed reading out of the GPS -- but adjusting the Yellow Box is simple. Mine is currently set at a 6% adjustment which isn't quite right, but is pretty close.

Installation is straight forward. The included instructions tell you what colors of Suzuki wire to splice and match with what colors of Yellow Box wires.

I did my splicing about three inches forward of the speed sensor -- and about two inches rearward of a connector. Take a look at the left side of your bike with the plastic off and you'll see where I mean.

I routed the Yellow Box wires along some stock wiring to the space under the driver seat. It currently rests between the battery and the stock ECU.

If you want, I'll post some pics this weekend if I get a chance.
Wow Cache, that is abut 20% off. Are you sure your friends speedo is correct? most bikes are about 7% off. he may be 13% off the other way?
Stealth - Your bike looks grreeat!

I really like the TRE for the low end improvements. I haven't tried the speed limiter yet so I am commenting from how the low RPM power behaves. DO IT!!!! You'll like it.

I did the PAIR removal just to loose the two + pounds. It has no effect on performance. It also looks cleaner when you install the new exhaust. One thing I would recommend is to wrap the header pipes with ceramic fiber heat tape up near the radiator and oil cooler. My bike runs very cool now. The heat goes out the back and the water temps run well below the middle stripe all of the time, It used to be above the line. The ceramic tape is cool stuff. I can touch the tape with the engine running and it won't burn me. The pipe is hot enough on the other side to instantly remove skin.

I read another post a day or so ago. It said the gear indicator works great but has a one second delay between shift and the display changing. it has to calculate?