Got some pics of the busa


I got the extensions from schnitz racing, but I would advise you to get them from nick off of this site. his are 275 and come with the same things as I got. Schnitz cost 375, saw nicks to late. It is extended 7"'s. Cache, the bolt on power will be ordered within the next 2 months. I am going to order the Velocity racing stage 1 turbo kit. They estimate that it will take it up to 250 hp. The indiglo gauges are awesome. I really like them. Very bright.
<span style='color:crimson'>Hey, Rich
Your Busa is looking real good. I have one question. On your extention, did yours come with the brake stay or do you have to make your on?</span>
No it did not come with it. I had a problem with schnitz about all of the issues with my extensions. They did not send the adjuster bolts with it of the brake torque arm. So I had to call them repeated times to get it taken care of. I recommend getting a hold of gix1300r (nick) and getting his. His are 100$ cheaper and come with everything needed.


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Nice bike Rich............I see I'm not the only one who lost a chrome cover on his triple clamp. Those darn things never seem to stay on once you take them off.
I had them all on there and it must of flown off when I was playing around. I just noticed on after the first ride. Must not have been on there all of the way.

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