Got my Redline stem stand today

How easy is it to use? Any fitment issues? Looks NIce. :thumbsup:
Very easy to use. It does take some maneuvering to get the pin way up in there (it was suggested to me to turn the wheel one way to give better access and it does make it easier) but after doing it a few times you get the hang of it. No fitment issues. Very easy to push down on and the bike comes right up.

I can't ride as much as I'd like because I have back problems so now I don't have to worry about flat spotting my tires. I also have a redline caster rear stand that works well.
I wish I had waited also, got a great deal on front and rear Redline stands, then marred up the underside of my front forks with the front fork stand. Gotta get one of these instead real sooon.

So the front fender can stay in place, thats great. B/C removing it is a pain!!!

Unless the front wheel is out, lol


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Okay IAN....some of us would like to trade in our current Redline fork stands for that about a trade-in credit ????......


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It allows you free access to the forks, and the calipers, and the axle and the wheel. The typical fork-bottom front stand keeps the weight supported on the about that trade-in Ian ????....that's a sweet setup.... :super:


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Glad to hear you guys are happy with the new Headstock stand. It was so much trouble and time to design there's just no way I'll ever make a profit on it.


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