got my new 'busa

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Hey all,

I picked-up my 2003 black/grey Hayabusa on Tuesday (4/8/03) and it is awesome! My old ride was a Kawa Concours (1000cc), and this is a nice upgrade!

I made one modification by cutting slots into my rear cowl so I can keep the strap bolted on. Has anyone else done this?

Also, I found a neutral spot between 5th and 6th (only once so far). Has anyone else had this problem? Do I just need to be more aggressive with my shifts?

Before you guys say it, I bought a black t-shirt to support the cause!

Finally, I posted a pic in the Maryland geographic area section.
Welcome to the Board and congrats on the new bike. You definitly got yourself the best looking bike out there.
Good Job! You're gonna love that new Busa!!!

The 5th/6th false neutral happens on most new Busas. It will go away after about 1000 miles. Just try a little harder shifting until then. You probably won't even think about it after the break-in period.

First of all wlecome to the board.

To start with, what a change from a Concours to a Busa. If you are used to touring, the Busa will also take on that role with a few mods to make it more comfortable.

The "Hump Mod" as it is called is pretty common. But you will get different views from different owners.

The false neutral is pretty common also. It will go away with break in and time, but be firm on your shifts.

Thanks for supporting the site.

You will find a wealth of real world information, common interests, and just generally a bunch of good people on this board.

Just a note, this site is rated G. The site admins. don't put up with a lot of crap.

Again, welcome to the board.

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Welcome to the board. If you got the shirt with the Busa on it, it's is still in the final stages of manufacturing but rest asured you will get it soon. Captain said they should be delivered in about a week or two.

you may want to lower you gear shifter just a bit so that when you shift you are pulling up harder on the shifter...

just need to be a bit more aggressive when shifting...

also as you learn the spot you will learn to feel for the gear better

it will seem to go away with more mileage... and your love the busa even more!!!
I just bought a black silver 99 and have found the neutral between 5th and 6th also.
I also did the cowl notch so I can keep the strap on.
Looks very cool with the strap and cowl.
chromed the strap too.
Welcome to the board. Same as everyone else has said, the false neutral between 5th and 6th is very common. Congratulations on teh new bike!
Welcome to the board! Buy a sh... Ok nevermind.

I did the hump mod too. I like it, so I can change easily.
Wecome...yer gonna love careful, shift firmly....
Ps i too got off a Concours..40k miles..Busa will tour just fine.
Check nevada pic's for mod's i did..givi and overscreen..