Got my baby back pt2


Ok here's my baby's pick

Piece by piece
the front end ...brake calibers, lower and upper forks, as well as the wheels are chromed

Ok the rear end ... and you know when it comes down to if BABY AINT GOT BACK, you might as well be on a bicycle.

Chrome swingarm, rear caliber, 2002 header and stainless steel midpipes, brake bar, etc.. i still have to get a chrome axel nut

Chrome triple tree, bar ends, reseviors and covers, levers, Heli-bars, the grips are going to be replaced with chrome and rubber grips.

This is the last view, and by far the closet view, yamahas, hondas, and kaws will ever see of this bike....... unless its parked...........

I'll keep you updated on the other mods as they become a reality

Yep its been a hard winter, snow and ice since the first of December. And that followed a drought over summer. All on top of a newly laid lawn.. yep we'll be reseeding once all the chrome work is done ........lolololololol

As for cleaning, 15-20 minutes--its chrome you just wipe it down on most days, and maybe once a month or every six weeks polish it up which only takes about30-45 minutes.. It'd take a lot longer if it was all polished, but only the frame is polished, and I go over it once a year with a REAL polisher.
BTW Dezzy,

You need not answer the questions from Part 1 because you answered them in Part 2. YOU GO BOY!

O.K. Dezzy,

I thought I was through with the questions, but I have just one more. The question has multiple parts, but it's mainly ONE question. Here goes. How hard was it to have your fork tubes chromed? I guess what I mean is that you had to take them apart didn't you? I wanted to chrome mine but I was too ansy about taking them apart. Usually they don't seal right if you don't put them back together perfectly. I've chromed everything on my bike except for the top of the triple tree and the forks. Damn, you're making me jealous.

Barcharles, the tubes wern't hard at all.. Other than polishing my bike I'm like Thinker, I take it to the chrome shop and WRITE A CHECK !
Thinker thanks for the compliment. I love the Micron slip-ons, nice mellow rumble thats not too loud when you idling or cruising. But when you hit those high revs or highway speed they'll know you are coming. I'll try to creat a wave and get it to you