Got mine today!

Adam G

Picked up a brand new 2012 Busa. Traded in the Bandit. Put on 275 miles today. At this rate I will need a 500 mile service this weekend!

Sweet ride! Love the new red!
Welcome to the Busa Family!
Thanks guys. Only put on 75 miles today. What a great bike. After reading up on links you guys had posted regarding break in I decided to do the more aggressive break in to seat everything in properly. The bike is just amazing! I can see why you all like it like you do. What a machine.

I had two people compliment the bike today. One guy at a stoplight rolled his window down and was gushing over it and another guy at the local gas station. I loved my Bandit but never had a total stranger start telling me what a beautiful bike it was.

I hope my neck and shoulders strengthen up and get conditioned to the new seating position. They are sore and fatigued tonight.

Ordered a 3M tank protector kit from Tank Slapper. I am afraid to lean down on the tank with my riding jacket.