Got bored and bought some paint!


I was tired of the dull metal finish and planned on painting the pipe blue and the rest black. The sprayer on the blue paint can didn't work and I didn't want to drive another hour to get another can. So now its all black.

A before and after.





Dude, if you taped up all those rivits, You Are The Man. Maybe you just wiped then off with thinner or something but I agree, paint them too.:thumbsup:


Dude, if you taped up all those rivits, You Are The Man. Maybe you just wiped then off with thinner or something but I agree, paint them too.:thumbsup:
I took it all apart and painted it, then put new rivets in it. I was going to paint the can blue and all the straps black. Thats why I took it apart.

I kind of like the rivets.
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