Got a GPS unit... FOR FREE!!! Questions...

So I work at a car dealership and obviously people trade in used cars. My buddy who does the used car inspections came across a PT Cruiser that had a GPS unit left in it, the car had been cleared for a while and it was obvious the previous owner was'nt coming back for anything inside. He already has one so he asked me if I wanted it, I'm like HE**S TO THE YEAH!!!:laugh: So any way it's only a TomTom One 3rd edition but it seems to work pretty well!:thumbsup:

Here are my questions: How do you set the clock, it is 7:50p.m. where I am right now and the GPS says it is 6:51a.m.. I've tried every onscreen icon and cannot figure this out!:banghead:

I also have seen some people actually have a motorcycle or car on the screen instead of an arrow, can this unit do that and if so how... please.

Are there any tips or recommendations you all can share?

I used it today to test the speed vs. the odometer and I was shocked to discover the odometer was off!!!:whistle::laugh: Anyway thanks for any help and sorry for the long read!:beerchug:
P.S. I did try to search first; honest!:rulez:

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You lucky SOB! :)

Here's the link to change your time if you still need it:

Tom Tom Time Change

Give me a call if you need anything else. This is what I'm good at unlike installing the TM! :)
Thanks Nick! I actually figured it out, I had to run the install program on my computer when I connected it. I found a start up image and a bike icon, I searched 167 pages for a Busa navigation icon and did'nt find one!:banghead: There were alot of other bikes, you would think there would be at least one Busa!:rulez: Thanks for the help!:beerchug:

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Time is an essential aspect of how GPS works. That being, once the unit finds the satellites and establishes position, it should automatically update the time correctly for your location. The link from NickSully just shows you how the unit reports the time, e.g., AM vs. 24hr/military time.

Take the unit outside so it has an unobstrructed view of the sky and it should be all synch'd up within 10 minutes. Note that it takes longer if you move the GPS unit from it's last synch'd location with it turned off.

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