GoPro Hero3 Quick Test

Well seeing as how I got my new GoPro I needed to get out and start messing with it.

See the below where I was testing some alternatives to the "tinny" audio that you get with all models of GoPro.

GoPro did away with the straight MIC input that they had on the previous model and you need to get an adapter now which will really limit where you can mount the camera.

The answer is to record the audio on a separate device and sync them up later.

My choice is the Zoom H1 handy recorder stuck under the seat. For the next test I will fix it more securely and turn the input level down to about 10 from 25 where I had it. You can see from looking at the waveform it's peaking quite badly, that being said I think the audio is far superior. Much deeper and more realistic.

Here's the Zoom Audio recorder


Here's the audio sync software, Pluraleyes 3


And the 2 different positions I had the camera mounted in.


The remote is extremely handy


Anyway I'll post more on this thread as I get it cracked :thumbsup:


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I really like the remote too, especially when trying to sync/start multiple cameras...
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