Goodridge Kelvar Brake Lines??

Just installed a set of Goodbridge lines all around my bike and let me say this..."They work damn good." Amazingly different from stock. Only wish I had done this a long time ago. I bought all my lines for about $150 from Newport Cycle Parts. Good prices and real good customer service.

oh...$150. Ok I got robbed. Mine came to $200 and some change with shipping. I think thats where my problem was living in Japan.
...there is a difference. I went to check those out. The lines I bought are the Kevlar version. I'm not to sure how much of a difference Kevlar is versus steel because I never owned any steel ones. Revlimter was the only place I could find the Kevlar lines. But if you like your steel ones, that gives me a good idea how the kevlar ones are going to feel.
Just installed a set of Goodbridge lines all around my bike and let me say this..."They work damn good."  Amazingly different from stock.  Only wish I had done this a long time ago.  I bought all my lines for about $150 from Newport Cycle Parts.  Good prices and real good customer service.

Is the difference in the lever/pedal feel or way better braking??
I'vew got steel braided lines from goodridge... And it may be the best mod I've ever done. I noticed the difference in feel and braking performance the first time i hit the brakes!
You can tell the smart hot rodder by thier brakes.
They know they have got to stop sooner or later. And only goes for the best; The Steel braided or Kevlar are both very good by sending the fluid pressure where it needs to go instead of expanding the hose it pushes the pads together faster giving a much better reponse to even a slight touch of the brakes. I have installed steel lines on ever vehicle I've ever owned and is one of the 1st mods I always do.

Those how race and STOP today, Live to race another day. HeHe
Alright cool thank you all for the info. I have the Kevlar lines on the way. I'll let you all know how they feel in about a months time. Busa should be ready then. *sobs*

Btw, I won't be able to give ya'll a comparision because I never used the steel lines...I just hope they are worth the extra $60 bucks!
Brian, Dezzy7, and anyone else who has done this mod...

Did you do the alteration yourself or have a shop do it? If you did it, what was involved? Was it painful?

Sounds like a very cool mod. It is very important to reduce fading, line failure, etc. on a car during track time. Prolly similar on bike.

Thanks ahead of time, Vaughn.
Swapping out brake lines is the best mod you can ever do to any bike. I always do it sooner or later. The feel is what is so impressive. Stock lines feel "spongy". Yes they brake but it is not clear how much force you are applying. You pull, and pull some more, and finally your front wheel skips or the rear end gets light and slides. But the different pulls are not fed back to your hand much. You know you are pulling more and more but nothing seems to happen differently down below at the caliper. The lines are absorbing your squeeze.

Steel lines don't swell and absorb your sqeeze. When you hit the brakes, you can feel in your fingers how hard the pads are rubbing the disk. More squeeze pressure and you can feel the pads bite harder. And you can tell if the tire is getting close to breaking loose too. It is a lot more information for you to use as the rider in charge. More control and ultimately higher safety.

Kevlars are similar but are a little lighter in weight, perhaps lowering the unsprung weight a bit. I used steel because its cheaper and I could pick the color of the line covers and get gold anodized fittings. Both Kevlar and steel are excellent. Both are Teflon lined and are stronger than rubber lines, IMHO. Both will give you more and better braking with less lever movement. The levers are firmer too. Steel/kevlar lines with an air bubble feel like a stock set of lines with no air in them. Fully bled, the kevlar feels solid.

Just take a little time after you install to get used to the difference in pull. You might accidentally do a stoppie if your are not careful.