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Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion. If I were anywhere near freakin Austin, I would certainly be bringing you my ride... Oh BTW, know of anyone in Tampa thats straight up and does good work??
Left a reply in a thread about the Two-Bros Bolt-ons but thought I could maybe catch you on this one, from reading your replies it sounds like your pretty knowledgeable on this stuff. You gave me a link to the site but I am not serious enough to go have a custom map made. Do you have any maps available for the 03' with the above bolt-ons? Certainly willing to pay a resonable price to have the right map without having to get a custom one done. Dynojet is telling me the closest map would be the Busa Yosh slip on, map #5 I believe. Probably will never get on a dyno but would be nice to know the right map is in there for mileage and power.
Thanks for any help! JT!
Just emailed you, hopefully it works. It is a serial port PCIIIR 03'.
Thanks, JT!
Johnny from what I hear you can brag it up all you want... Word gets around!

well at this point I have nothing to tweak, hmmmm that didnt sound right..... I mean I dont have a busa right now but when I get one you are the closest person I trust... Looks like a roadtrip.

Lets have a photo of the Cheese man at work, or does that avatar about cover it? ... :tounge: