Good price on stands?.


What is a good, resonable stand for a Busa?. Should I look for one that fits on spools or under frame? Do they have good deals if you buy front and rear as package?.
There are a ton of this out there, I just came across these and bought since the price was right. Very prompt shipment, excellent quality! Holds the Busa well.
I bought mine from the Suzuki dealer where I bought my busa.
$60. fits under the swingarm, adjustable too.
It would be nice to have a front stand too. Instead of suspending the front from a support brace in my garage.
Cache, you should have bought the handyindustry stand. You get both front and back for $99.
I have a Muzzy rear and a Woodcraft front. The Woodcraft is the best I have seen. It has large wheels and is easy to move around. We had many different ones at the dealer and these were the best. The spools or buttons, whatever you want to call them, are the best way to go. The swingarm ones slide around a little. They can be expensive though. You get what you pay for when it comes to stands. Go cheaper if you think you will never move the bike on stands, otherwise pony up for the good ones.
I think the Suzuki stand is about the best deal going... I may be wrong though. Good quality for a good price. There are much better ones out there but you'll pay a premium!
I'm very curious about just how much everyone paid for their stands. Please tell me how much you all gave for your stand? If it was a front/back or both? And if you remember where you got it from. I'll start by adding what I said earlier: both the front and back stand together $99 to my door! Took less than three days to arrive. Anyone else? Lets help the man find a stand for just under one arm and a leg.

A dollar saved is two more to spend on a Busa![/QUOTE]
        I took your advise and ordered the handy stands. I looked on Dennis Kirk and it was well over $110 each front or rear. By the way it's $112 to the door $13 shipping.
             Thanks Buff
Got mine over the Christmas holiday! Free Shipping, Sorry. For the money I think you'll like this stand.
Cache, you should have bought the handyindustry stand. You get both front and back for $99.
Damn! Wish I could have found a deal like that. I purchased both the front and rear Lockhart Phillips Racestands for about $200. Liked them because they had the chrome finish. Works great though. The real shocker for me was when I went to purchase them directly from LP, they were approx. $15 higher than buying them from Ron Ayers. Buying directly from the manufacturer should have actually saved me money, but it just didn't hold true in this case. Ron Ayers sales the front and rear for about $95 each.

One question, what is Bobbins supports?

Hey Mugga,

What's happenin' homey? Well, to answer your question. Bobbin supports are the same as spools which screw directly into those little holes on the bottom of your swingarm. There is one on each side. They are used in conjunction with your rear bike stand. They slide directly into the "V-shaped" part of the stand and supports the bike once lifted. If you don't already have a bike stand, I would suggest you get one that uses the spools to support it rather than the one that mounts to the bottom of your swingarm. Less chance of scratching your swingarm if you use spools. Just my .02 if you want it.

Almost forgot, a set costs about $20 and you can get them in different colors. I have the silver anodized finish on mine.

Brian, thanks for the update forgot to mention just what you said. One other thing, the bike is less likely to come off the stand with this kind of lift. Plus you get a lot more access to the back tire. Sometimes the other type stand can wear your patience during the initial set-up process. Both types will do the job and if your carefull the later isn't a concern!