Good deal on Avon Viper tires


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Avon has a special going on with the Viper Sport and Viper SuperSports where if you buy a rear you get the front for free.

I really wanted the AV45/46 for my next set but at the current deal I couldn't pass on the AV59/60 Viper Sports.

Picked up the rear AV60 from for $148 bucks. That's about $30 cheaper than every other site I found. Fill out and print a form from Avon's website and mail a check for $18 to cover postage and they send you a free front tire. Total for both tires including shipping will be about $181 total for me.

Good for September only! I usually have good luck with rebates so hopefully this goes through.
I have the Vipers on my '99 now, and I find them pretty good. It takes a little longer to warm 'em up, but the wear factor so far, looks great. 3000km's, and showing only a small amount of wear, same as 1000kms with the Bridgestones or Dunlops.


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I've rode on Avons before and was pretty satisfied so Im picking up a set since Im in need a of a front right now . I'll keep the Pilot rear as a spare .

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