good advise guy/gals


hayabusa's are fast and fun,but at the same time we all gotta think safty.
i got 1 bit of road for about 3-4 miles,u can look right down it,bar that my baby is for looks,doesnt pay to go fast,if ya wanna speed why do it on 1 of the worlds nicest bikes?
i want peeps to see me,and say look at that 6 ft yetty on that sexy bike..hehehe
i gotta admit myself these bikes aint toys,if ya wanna get sommin thats a toy,get a tonka toy ;)
these busa can kill same as anything else,but at the same time at a much higher speed,jumping on 1 of these bikes and doing wheelies,and jacking the ass end up is a 1 way ticked to heavens gates pal.
chill out look after her,and she will look after u.
(i othern kiss mine on the tank when i go along)
im not i just have alot of respect for her,and 1 hell of comitment to keep her up to crach.
take care all (BE SAFE)!!!
It seems that you love your busa just the way it is. That is cool. I on the other hand want to get it to corner better and have improved the stock braking to get it to stop better as well.
I assume that you believe that the bike is as good as it will get when it comes home from the dealer? I would have to disagree with that just a bit. Enjoy your bike! See you in the twisties.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Very true Howlin,

I have never left any car, truck or bike alone. Every one has been "improved" to get just a little more out of it. Granted the Busa is pretty damn impressive as is. But I could't resist making changes and by the looks if it, neither can many others on this board. I like the part of human nature that can't leave well enough alone. Continuous improvement is how racers go a little faster and that technology gets to us eventually. Think back - In the early 70s when I started riding, something like a Busa was about as possible as a flying car. But now we have it. I can't wait for what will replace the Busa in ten years! THE SUPERBUSA?
It's one thing to love your bike, but it is a whole nother thing to LLLLOVE your bike!!!!
it's ok as long as nobody sees you, and you wait for the pipes to cool down before you go riding... err. I mean after. .. nyuck nyuck.

sorry guys but been got k&n air filter £65
got power commander 3 comming in few days

just been looking at turbo for it aswell,
does get bit boring i gotta admit,i want it to be bout 300bhp
getting 2 micro cans comming next week,gotta make some noice,wanna set some car alarms off :p
ps, got 190 outa it today(bikes r bikes) ride um hard and fast

Even walking across the street can be dangerous. Stay safe and live for the thrill.
How did you just go from be safe and don't do wheelies and the Busa can kill I did 190 MPH yesterday? What gives.....?
Busa rules
With or without mods... But I really think that such a special spacecraft needs a special setup... (i'm saving mo'money to change the exhaust system)...
Suspension is also something i would like to improve, since the original setup is far from great... gotta learn more about it (i'm only a 3 year-old motorcycle driver) - from a XV535 to a Thundercat (YZF600) to THE MOTORCYCLE

How did you just go from be safe and don't do wheelies and the Busa can kill I did 190 MPH yesterday?  What gives.....?
Ya....and don't forget about the turbo.
Complete reversal or what.
Maybe because the 190 is only 176 mph actual, which is a completly safe speed. Yhea right!! veryone is always the same ( including me) until you get on it, it changes you. Some a lot some a little. Experience just gets you to temper your need for speed so it is not all the time.


see i tell people what i told my wife. "im not getting the busa to do 200mph im getting it because it can do 200 mph" tee hee worked great and i got it :tounge: