gona be in New Orleans


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and I wondering what all I should go and do while I was there.

If there is anybody that could give me a couple of pointers I would put them to good use.

Just remember, I am goin to have the little lady with me so keep it clean and fun for the both of us.


Hey Jester,

If you want to do something really romantic and fun with the lady, try going on one of the dinner cruises. You board right at the south end of the French Quarter (Riverwalk, it's right where Canal St. ends). They cost about $70 and it's a buffet style dinner. There is also an open bar. Those bartenders make some of the best mixed drinks around...especially the Long Island Iced Tea. Cruise lasts about 2 hrs and it is real nice. Take a look into it. I promise you that you and the lady will enjoy. After you eat, you can go out and sit on the deck and just chill out. There is a bar outside to serve you also. I am almost tempted to GUARANTEE your satisfaction, and would reimburse your expenses. Honestly Jester, I am just that confident that you will like it.


Man that sounds like a winner!!!!

Hook me up with all the info if you can please....

like a phone number or something that I can use now or when I get to the hotel.

any help would be great and I realy want to see what its like.

Jester, when are you going to be in the N O and where will you be staying?


I'm on it right now. I will email you the info later on today.

Another great thing about this cruise is that the boarding site is near a lot of other attractions that are within a lot less than a half-mile's walking distance.  You have the French Quarter, Harrah's Casino (cha-ching!), and other sites right nearby.  Check it out and Enjoy!

P.S. That link also gives you access and directions to other attractions.

ill be there from sunday the 16th to 19th and im staying at the prytania park hotel. it looks like a great place and im hoping it all turns out good.
O.K. Jester,

The suspense is killing me. How did you like your trip to New Orleans??? Inquiring minds want to know. You should be back by now...or did you just decide to pass through Baghdad on your way home. I hear the "lighting" over in Baghdad is beautiful at this time of year.

Im home and had a blast. The cruise was great and had a blast, the little lady loved it and enjoyed the drinks on the cruise a little to much and got a little bit on the tippie sid and when we got back the to hotel passed out right after trying to navagate the stairs and saying that thay were moving on her. But I think she was makin it up.

other than that the trip was great and we had a blast.

we cant wait for our next vaction.

P.s. Dont stay at the prytania park hotel, thay suck a$$ and screwed us over.