going to the dyno soon

I've basically just had the bike for a month, and can tell that the map on it is running rich. I'm looking to get it dyno'ed and get a custom map. was wondering with a custom map, what kinda #'s I should expect(ballpark). the KNOWN mods(finding more as I go) are a full yoshi exhaust, PCIII, K&N air filter. 26,000 miles just had a complete tune up.

any help from others who are a bit more knowledgable on dyno tuning and what not would be appreciated seeing that I'm a dyno


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I'll guess 153-158hp. But there is usually too much focus on the peak numbers. How much time do you think you will really be there? Throttle response, smooth acceleration, etc are just as important as peak numbers. Read through these threads very carefully before you pick a tuner. There is a big difference. If you can get JohnnyCheese to do it, you'll be way ahead. You are only about 3 hours away from one of the best.

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