Going to Montreal 9/5-9/7


Hey guys My and some friends are coming to Montreal for a small ride. Just wanted to see if any of you guys (or girls) want to go riding while we are up there. 9/5-9/7 I can give you a number to call or we can find a place to hook up.
I'm a Canadian wanting to ride with you but the 2500 mile commute might be a bit much to meet up with you guys !!;) There's got to be some Montreal/Toronto guys on here that would like to join you.
I will be in Montreal this weekend. But for vacation. Hopefully I see some busas running around on the streets
I take it you will not be bringing your Busa then Big E? Even if you dont we dont drink and drive so maybe we can hook up for a drink or 2. I will give you some more info when I get some. Are you bringing wife or family?
Nope, guys weekend. Ive heard a lot about the clubs/bars you guys have up there. Gots to see for myself :devil:
I was there a couple of years ago when it was freezing cold and snow on the ground. Was there for a week taking a class and had a "Good" time. Would love to check it out when it's warm. Too bad I'm on the west coast.
Hey Big E we will have to hook up for a drink or something. We are going for a guys vacation away too. WOOOOHOOOO strip clubs and wild dancing on the table here I come. I am taking my cell phone not sure where I am staying yet. 207-441-4914 give me a call