Going to Hawaii in March


I am assuming you'll be on Oahu, Honolulu?

Couldnt find the bike rental place but their are 2 places right in Waikiki ( main street " Kalakaua " )that rent sportbikes or they used to... 600's only.

There's no helmet law in Hawaii but you better were a lid cuz there's plenty of crazy drivers & cops ... I would say get a bike a cruise completely around the main road on the island. From Waikiki head east via diamond head, Sandy's & Makapuu beaches, stop at road side fruit stands, try , Mountain apples, Mango, Lichee, and apple-banana's...

Just keep in mind a couple safety tips, your on vacation and locals are not. 95% or more of the people you meet with be very firendly, but it is a large city with related problems... Stay away from remote beaches, bad looking nieghborhoods, and guys that offer you pot... and you probly should stay awy from the west side all together, not much out there anyway. Makaha, Waianae & Nanakuli.

Have fun, get a tan and get some sun screen that Hawaiian sun sneeks up on ya you wont even feel it til it's too late. BURN!

To find more stuff just go to goole and type in : Hawaii

This mag is pretty good to, copy & paste : http://www.shops.azcentral.com/hawa...id=29&osCsid=aafb1c2db49e1bcfb1837bec5a171b33

Aloha Brahdah
Sit on the beach drinking beer and watch the chicks in their bikinis DUH!!!

Snorkel, anywhere is pretty neat but hanauma bay is really nice, you can buy a set of goggles and a snorkel for like $10 at an ABC store(they are real easy to find, you will see what I mean)

Drive around the whole Island, amazing stuff everywhere

Boogy Board, you can rent them if you want or pick up a decent one for $35 at an ABC store, buy one if you plan on using it more than one day

Hike up to DiamondHead, great view and great exercise. Do some stairmaster before you go.

The arizona memorial is pretty amazing and sobering, the bad thing is the long wait.

Waimea Falls??? HawaiiBusa tell me if that is wrong, huge amazing waterfall, you can actually climb to the bottom where the little lagoon is, be careful, very muddy and everything is wet and mossy. If you are real adventurous you can climb around and actually stand under the waterfall, got a picture of me standing under there.

If all you do is hang out on the beach and play in the ocean you will have a great time, if I could live in Hawaii I would in a heartbeat.