Going away for the Holidays!


Hey my friends... just wanted to let you know i am leaving thursday for the Bahamas and won't return until after the first of the year.. i didn't want any "Where's Lo?" topics poppin up. it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming year. so, i am off!!!! anyone else taking off anywhere??

I wish you all the best. Please have a safe and happy Christmas and New Years..... (with lots of Busa accessories under your trees!)

Peace & blessings,


Hey Lo, enjoy your trip.....and don't forget to take pix of your trip. Wish I was going to Bahamas......I'll be staying home for the holidays. Enjoy.

thanks guys!!!!

hey Will, pack your bags and come on!! i'm leaving thursday, i can make arrangements with the pilot to stop in Jackson. K?

As most know by now I am counting the days until I get back to Florida and the Ninja Eayer.

Lo have a great Holiday enjoy relax and enjoy some more. I will send over a note in a bottle from the Keys.
Ninja Eater, have a great holiday and enjoy the Busa... I'll be looking for the bottle... and you watch for the sunset.....

your favorite F.N.

Stuck here working 11pm to 7am, working when everyone is home enjoying the holidays...working Christmas and new years.....:19: .... Have fun for me Lo... be safe
Well LoLo,

You've gone and done it again. You're leaving us poor lost souls. You know that we need you to keep the guys in line. Wish I could go with ya, but I will be leaving Thursday night for Chattanooga, TN for the Division 1AA national championship between my alma mater McNeese State University and Western Kentucky. We haven't been to the National Championship since 1997 where we lost to Youngstown State by a score of 10-9. I made a promise to myself that if we ever made it again, that I would make the trip (approx. 12hrs from Lake Charles). Now I realize that a 1AA National Championship doesn't have as much luster as a Division 1A, which will be Miami and Ohio State, but we do have a good football team. Our team is currently 13-1 with the only loss coming from the University of Nebraska. That's right! I said the University of Nebraska (Cornhuskers). Before anyone attempts to knock Division 1AA, just remember that some of the greatest Hall of Famers came from 1AA schools.

Anyway, I got off the subject briefly because I am so excited about this game. Miss Lo, I would like to extend to you warmest wishes and good tidings for the upcoming holiday season. Be safe and return to us just as you left us. We'll miss ya.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Have a good vacation and injoy the Holidays. See ya when you return.
Well I'll be working up to Xmas eve off that day and Xmas...Hopefully off New Years day...

Come back to us you
Have a good trip Lo, and Happy Holidays!

I'll be going somewhere too...to work! I have to work ten days straight from Dec. 24 to Jan 3.