God is GOOD! Please read guys and gals

sweet tea man

So, most of you know I had my appendix rupture on me last week and have been laid up in bed ever since coming home from the hospital(shout out to the guys who came into the busa chat room to keep me company!). Well, today I went to get my first check up, get my 20 something staples out of my belly, and find out all the details. They scared me to say the least.

Went in at my what seems to be "normal for now" 80 year old man walking pace. Nurse was telling me the usual about after surgury and such while we waited on my surgeon to come in. He came in about 5 minutes later and did the normal "How are you feeling" questions and such. Then said that I seemed to be doing really great considering everything. Then told me the details.

First off, I wasnt experiancing ANY signs of my appendix getting ready to go south. No nausea, diarehha(sp?), no pains when stretching out and such when checked by the doc, etc. Just a simple pain in my side. The docs thought it was a pulled muscle.

I was told last thursday morning an hour or so after I had the CT scans done that my appendix had ruptured and there was a mass of what seemed to be fluid and such from it around. Ok, no big deal, get it out of me and send me home you know? WRONG.

APPARENTLY the MASS that showed up on the CT scan WAS NOT FROM MY APPENDIX BURSTING! It had formed prior to and was about 6" around and had actually formed AROUND my appendix. The pain in my side was from the pressure of my appendix starting to swell and pressing on the mass. The mass inside me was actually why I was showing ZERO symptoms of anything. This could have been really bad, really quick.

My surgeon then told me to look at it as if I won the lottery, just the wrong one. When I asked why, he said that because the mass had formed around the appendix, when it did burst, I just had worse pain. The mass had actually kept all the bacteria/fluid/puss contained rather than it spilling all throughout my belly and such. He said I should be thanking God it actually formed there because of the fact it could have gone so bad. To the point that if it wasnt there, i would have had only a day or so....to live.

Now for the mass that was found. No signs of why it formed at all. no tests showed anything. All tests on the mass that was removed were NEGATIVE for any diseases INCLUDING cancer. So basically, I had a mass that formed and I had no signs of it. On the bright side, it saved me alot of pain and suffering prior to.

So after hearing this, I wish to tell everyone to please go get yourself checked out. I had no idea this was forming inside me and wouldn't had known anything had it not been for the appendix.

All is well in my world now as I have better mobility today and God has graced me with being able to be on my feet for a few hours today with ZERO issues. thanks to all and Get yourselves checked just to be sure!

Glad to hear it worked out so well for you. Thanks for sharing your blessing with us :thumbsup:
Things happen for strange reasons sometimes, but there is a reason and you were blessed! :please:
Amazing how God works Huh. We can never underestimate him and his ability. He rules all. Glad your doin better Sweet Tea, Now go out and test those new Storms so you can let me know how they do.
Go buy a lotto ticket...NOW!!!
glad you are doing well and hope you continue your speedy recovery!:cheerleader:
Feels good to be over that hurdle. :thumbsup: In no time you'll have this as a memory.
So, did they name the parasitic internal twin they pulled out of your gut? I bet it had teeth... :laugh:

Seriously though, you sure are lucky..
Sorry to hear of your medical emergency, but I have to admit that your story is quite inspirational. Heal up, and enjoy your newfound lease on life. :thumbsup:

Dam dude, glad to hear your up and walking around, make sure you tell your guardian angel whats up.