Go redsox!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the new world champs. Papi was swattin em left and right. Like a .750 for the series!!!
well it's officially over (baseball) for 2013 and the "Sox" took the pennant.:beerchug:
now i'm nursing a hangover for the day.:banghead:
Baseball just doesn't seem to generate the interest like it used to ??? There seems to be a whole lot more chatter about the NFL on and off the field exploits
because it's boring. The only thing more boring is soccer. Yawn.

No disagreement with you there....:whistle: I honestly feel like they have way too many teams and they play waaay too many games. The sucky teams are just fodder 4 the good 1's who have the money to buy talent and it's hard to get invested when there's games on every other day all times throughout the day. Football is on Sundays primarily. People are off work relaxing @ home and have the time to get into a game. Every game counts cause you only have 16 not 182...... I would usually tune in2 a playoff game if it was late in the innings and close or went in2 extra innings. Every hit, strike, or exceptional play mattered and there was absolutely no room 4 error. That's the only time I can sit down and stayed glued to baseball.