GIVI top case for Gen1


Hello All,
I want to add the Givi top case to my Gen1 work with my Corbin bags. I am looking forward the best recommended model to work with my bike. I am looking for tips how to mount it on the back using the assembly that works like my grab rail. I also want to use the setup that mounts it where my rear seat position.

Thanks in advanced for your assistance.
Why mount it where the seat is? Go with the SW Motech rack, and save your rear seat!
Hello ldryder
Thank I can do that mod! What model bag is that do you know?

Hello GsxrBots
That is a nice setup, I do want to run with the topcase behind the rear seat at times. My bike is a Gen1 and that looks like a Gen2, I think the mounting hardware is different. Plus I have Corbin bags already so I just want to add the top case with the correct mounting hardware for the tail section.