What map do you guys use? Is there a real difference between the three maps provided? I have done engine tuning on electromotive, link, motec, megasquirt for my 4 wheeled toys. Can anyone post the actual curves? I am curious as to the differences and what each setting does for drivability.



I've only used "5". It definetly smooths out the accelleration and dosen't backfire when slowing down anymore. Makes so much of a difference, its easy to tell if its activated or not just by the way the bike acts.

sorry I cant answer your other questions, never used any other setting.
U...I dont know about maps and curves it gives. Mine is set on "5"...that means it fools the PC into thinking the bike is always in 5th. IT does NOT have anything to do with mapping or curve.........that Im aware of.

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