GiPro problems???


Hey guys... I was riding the bike tonight and I noticed when I accelerate hard in 1st or 2nd that my gipro loses power for a second, and then it shows me a letter "d" and then goes back to normal. It only does it when shifting faster at higher rpm. What could this be? I'm going to check the connections first thing in the morning and I hope its something simple. What do you guys think???
the d stands for "DAMN YOUR GOING FAST"!!!
"d" is default. You nmust have a bad connection in the wiring or the "Hot" wire.

Okay I will check the wiring again but it looked fine when I checked it the first time. And the "d" shouldn't stand for going too fast cause that only happens between 1st and 2nd gear so Im not going that fast yet
I did wash it but I didn't get it too wet... but I will recheck every connection tomorrow. Maybe somethin did get wet.. who knows.