Gift for the hubby


I have been riding an 08 Ninja since last year (my first bike) but have been wanting to upgrade for a while so my husband suprises me with a new 09 Gsxr600. He,however has been wanting the 08 orange/black Busa (my dream bike) so I call all over the state of TN and finally found one in Nashville put a deposit on it over the phone and take him to get it last Saturday. So after putting 300 miles on it Saturday he finally decides to hand it over and let me take it for a spin and well...I have been riding it ever since and him the 600:laugh: I think we should just trade:whistle:




Big D

Grats on the purty ride! :thumbsup:

Find another one and you can ride together as a matching pair. :laugh:



Grats on the purty ride! :thumbsup:

Find another one and you can ride together as a matching pair. :laugh:

I agree totally!

Hows it said in marriage? Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine? You have the keys, so ride on girl!!!

There has got to be another orange/black Busa nearby! Im sure he can wait!:whistle:


The milkman cometh!!!
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The dealer here in Kenosha has one they would just love to get rid of.:poke:
Ace powersports is the name.:whistle:


181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C
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Nice looking bike, if it helps any i think yall should trade also. :laugh:
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