Getting Wheels Off The Ground - Stands, Jacks, Etc...

I looked into this type of lift, but there were certain things i wanted from a lift that i was not prepared to pay that kind of price for. So I went for the Orginal Red Lift, built in the Uk (Tamworth) for £300. A bike table lift would have taken up too much room in my garage, but this little lift is only 1 x 0.5 metres in size, and when not in use does not take up much space.
servicing the bike is soooo much easier with the bike at waist height, and you can padlock the lift in its highest position for extra security.

Found these pics.

I think i know what i need to buy next :whistle:



the stand doesn't look stable to me. looks like if I am removing the rear wheel (with all the wiggling/wobbling) the bike and all will tip backwards.. maybe a cool stand to save space but I haven't seen anything yet to show you can actually work on the bike while up in the air like that.
Wow I would have never thought about lifting my bike this way.. Thanks... I will build one using a hi-lift jack at 60" should be an easy build... Again thanks ... Should cost only what the jack and casters cost... $100 maybe.

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