Getting killed with insurance! HELP!

Progressive, in Florida, 33, no tickets, $1900 per year:( . I am currently looking for anyone to get a better deal. gave me by far the best rate when I first bought my bike in June '02. Even had a low side and they were great, handled everything very well. Then thier provider stopped writing in GA, I'm gettin' toasted now!!

They are definitely worth checkin' out though.
I had progressive on my old Volusia and just purchased a new Busa last weekend. Progressive wanted $3500.00/year for full coverage with no accidents or tickets and 34 y/o. I took everyones advice and checked with Farmers. I already hold a car policy with them and found out that for full coerage on the Busa and I mean full, it is going to cost me $600.00/year. Progressive can kiss my A#% to say the least...
AAA $600 a year full coverage. Have 5 vehicles and home owners with them. 100/300 thousand coverage with 250 deductible. I'm am 36 no accidents or tickets and live in Riverside CA. When I lived up in San Luis Opisbo my insurance was half the cost.
I went through state farm. 396 a year with a 250 ded. Before them the cheapest I found was Dairyland for around 1200 per year! I am told State farm goes by cc's of the engine, not by the kind of bike it is.
I'm paying $850 per year with progressive plus another $725 for a 600 Katana (wife) and HD. I,m calliing State Farm:(
I'm State Farms worst nightmare...  They actually told me when I moved from GA to Cali that I need to "clean up my driving record" and have NO moving violations for the next 3 years or they're dropping me.  
  But I still got my Busa insured for $77/month...and that's in the Bay Area...with a ridiculous cost of living.  I've actually shopped around here...but couldn't find anything comparable.:blush:
well, even though this is an older thread, I'll pop it back up and also add what we're now paying in Vermont.

12 month, full covreage on the busa...$1000 deductible...Old man is 37...ummm 9 points on his license..(10's the limit here...he'll lose it for 90 days if he gets another ticket)

12 months, liability only on my interceptor, I'm points on my license...I'm the 'good one'

with progressive....same agent as our trucks and house, but different company.

both of us have taken the just the beginner, him the advanced.....

ready...HOLD ON!

$1582.00 a year....I looked and looked and looked...but 4 of his points are coming off this summer, so it should drop. Plus we'll pull the insurance off both bikes, add them to our homeowners policy on halloween, and put it back on in April, and end up with almost $700.00 in refund. Progressive wont do a partial year policy.

Im 20 yrs old, just had a ticket last week on my way to work. Progressive quoted me at $6000/yr, so i laughed at them. Gonna check USAA, which i have my car on. I rode dirt bikes growing up, and at 18 got a cbr 600 f4i and was paying 225 every 6 months through them. Cant even fathom how much more they gonna try and burn me for busa. Trying to get insurance quotes before i go purchase a new/used busa.


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I have an 04 Busa, Just got it. My other insur. is Farmers, they could not get me under $2000.00 full cov. Progressive on the internet was $1400/yr full cover.I ended up going with Foremost they were just under $1200.00/yr. I should have checked out State Farm but I droped them after 25 years because I could not afford the car insur. They up every year. I am now 49, no tickets or accidents. Good luck in geeting cheap insur. Maybe its a state thing, Anyone else from Texas?
i going to get fucked..... 18 with 3 tickets.........................
not really 43 here several tickets and a totaled car in 2002 and progressive gave me 2 rates with 2 of the independants here in town the one who insures my car 5000K and the other around the corner 3800.00 Full coverage.. State farm dropped me so thats why with progresive for auto and pauing 1400.00 for just a car... Any suggestions on who I could go to and try for lower???
State Farm. Moved all my vehicles to them after SafeCo quoted me $2,000 just for the 'Busa.

Including the bike, I now pay less than Safeco's price for just the cars.
State farm is the way to go. 280 per year full coverage, 500 deductible. No tickets. Have the house, two cars and two cycles with them. The more you get with them the more they give. Wow that could be their new slogan.
Check out the latest Sport Rider Mag (Dec 04). It has a section in there that talks about Insurance Rates...I know that the rates are much higher when you live in large Metropolian Area...I live in Dallas, TX...and the rates for Progressive are pretty high..I checked State Farm, Dairyland, and a bunch of others and they were all slighly higher than Progressive. To me insurance is a rip-off because the Insurance Companies premiums are so high..everytime someone wrecks and submits a claim, they are loosing they jack-up the cost of a policy so that they still make a profit...Alot of times the reason they will accept a lower premium is so that they can gain Market Share. That would explain all of the different rates that everyone is quoted...That's the sucks but what can you do? To me, I would not be caught without some type of coverage...
State farm wants you to have a car policy also but its the cheapest i've found