Getting killed with insurance! HELP!

Ouch baybee very OUCH! Chris How much before the afore mentioned fiasco? How much did your car rates go up?
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Also watch what you consider as a riding year. I hve mine at 12 months. I never know where I will be, but I do know that I will be riding. 12 months full coverage and extra liability,no tickets and ummm 49 & 11/12's. $925.00 for full year. New England is very high but not bad considering.
I've heard also that State Farm is the way to go. But I think you have to have a car insured with them also. I am going to try them when I get my new Busa.
I've heard also that State Farm is the way to go. But I think you have to have a car insured with them also. I am going to try them when I get my new Busa.
Yes you do, Just got mine and they sent me a nice letter to inform me they were gonna drop me, as i dont have another vehicle with them. Im heading to State Farm tommorrow and add a vehicle...
This is after they checked to see if I had to have a car on there coverage.. either stupid or stupid....
OK, OK, OK...I wanna know what's the catch? I'm nappy you guys brought this topic out...

I've had my car w/State Farm for about 2 yrs now. I called last week to get a quote on the soon to be mine Gixxer 600 and he said $135 ($15-$30K w/$250 deduc.) and $165 ($25-50K w/$500 deduc.) a month. Others wouldn't insure me cuz they asked for 3 yrs riding exp. and the best one I've found is Victory for $930 a yr ($300 dp, then $87 x 8 months).

With no tickets on my back or any other violation, why can I get a lower quote like yours w/State Farm?:super:?:super:?:super:???
Ohhh, not to mention that I need to get this over with in order for the bank to give me the money. They require full coverage.

By the way...I'm 23.

By the way...I'm 23.[/QUOTE] Sorry but that has a lot to do with it. The other thing is that you told them you have no riding experience. Tell them you rode dirt bike a lot growing up. That seems to help a little. Remember most of us are at least in our late 20s and that help a lot also. Good luck I hope you can find something reasonable.
When I got my bike I was 24... I pay 25 bucks a month for full coverage... 250 or 500 deductable... not sure
I have a few tickets but never a claim..
State Farm rocks...
35 no tickets, I pay $600 a year with State Farm.  All I got from the agent was "Damn that's a nice bike" Been with them 10+ years
Auto club ,35yrs,No tickets or accts,2 cars and an 03 Busa  full cov,$100 deductible  $580 per yr

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WTF!!?? im single 25 1 ticket that goes away may 04 state farm said no as well as allstate and usaa so all i could get is progressive boning me hard at 395 a month i guess georgia must be a high risk for theft
another shout for state farm ..33 with 3 cars,house ,and the busa...450 year for the busa full cov.
$3200 for full year.   20/yr old in florida  
Dude, you gotta shop around a little more. Sounds like you are insured with Progressive. Check into State Farm, Farmers, etc... Florida is an expensive state to insure a sportbike in but you might be able to save a grand or so anyway pretty easy...