Getting killed with insurance! HELP!


I am getting killed with insurance quotes for my 2002 Hayabusa.  My quotes are outrageous and I need to know if any other Hayabusa owner's have found reasonable bike insurance and if so where?  Thanks.
I have progressive right now @ 1200 per year, which is not good, as i'm 34. I hear state farm has reasonable rates. I'm going to try them. Good luck.
definetely try state farm. I'm 22 with an accident and a speeding ticket on my record, and they hooked me up with a killer deal. Full coverage for about 1300 a year. I've tried to geeeeet covered by USAA (military) and they turned me down, then I tried AIG (which I had my car through at the time), and they wouldn't do it either. Then went to progressive and they wanted a whopping 9,000 a year for full coverage... up front. What a joke. Luckily I found state farm... Good luck man,
State Farm is definately the way to go, I have used them for years. Because of my age and a few other factors, isnsurance is right at 300 per year full coverage. They gave me no heartache at all with the size of the engine displacement or anything. I have spoke with other Hayabusa owners using other insurance carriers that would not even cover the Hayabusa.
I just got a quote from my insurance agent, approx. $300 per year. I'm 48, no tickets or accidents, plus I have my truck with them. He has told me that he has been helping a lot bikers out there getting raped. Maybe he can help.
pja in norman

Farmers Insurance
Russ Lowry
Norman, Ok.
31, State Farm, no tickets, they have my house, truck, car, and bike. $350.00/yr full coverage, $500 deduct
Age 40: Married
Progressive Insurance/ applied online, not with your local insurance thief.
Cost $458 yr. for GSX1300R
$1000.00 deductible full coverage.
One more vote for State Farm. After wrecking mine I still pay less than $400 a year. They are the only one that could care less what you ride they just want to know what it is worth. The only catch is that they might want you to insure your car with them. I have to. But the difference in what I might pay for the truck elsewhere the bike insurance price more that makes up for that.
You really need to hit the yellow pages with this one. Take one company in one state with one agent and they may be totally cool. Move to another agent, same company, and they may totally suck. State Farm here, for instance, does ask what bike you have and charges way too much, but Farmers here only goes by CCs, nothing else. So, call around and when you find a great rate, call around again every six months to make sure you are still getting the best deal. ;)
Another strong vote for State Farm.  $300 per
year for full coverages with discounts for
mutliple vehicle, no tickets and no accidents.
Allstate turned me down for insurance when
I was 20 years old and would never give me
a reason for turning me down.  This threw
me into a high risk pool at exhorbitant rates
until I found State Farm and they insured me
with no problem and no questions.  That was
many years ago and I have stuck with them
and been very pleased the way they have
stood by me over the years.  May not have
always had the cheapest rates but never out
of line either.  Have always found myself paying
less than what the mail order solicitations I get
offer me, even though they always say they
have the lowest rates.
I just checked out insurance for my very near future purchase. I'm 27 with 1 ticket and it's going to be $400 a year with State Farm.
Well, I am not a busa owner, but I do own a Suzuki Katana 750. I used to be with Farmers insurance, they said that they would not Insure me cuz it was a Sport bike. I tried to tell them that it was a Sport It didn't work. Anyway, Another vote for State Farm. I pay $189.00 a year for full coverage with a $250.00 deductable. I have chacked on the Busa and its not much more. If I had another vehicle with them I could get the Multi-car discount, that would drop me to $108.00 a year. I'm also fixing to get the Prefered rate. That will also drop it. I know that it is Different in every state. Some states are absolutly outragous on insurance rates. (Get a friend in another state that has cheaper rates and use his address) Umm, no I didn't say that..Umm...forget that.. ok 32, Clean Record Single rates..Good luck
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State Farm gave me full coverage insurance including theft for about $360 a year, I'm 25, a couple tickets, recently married in Tampa, FL. State Farm all day long
I don't do tickets, just dish them out (not to busa riders I should add!)

My advice Get a scooter!!!! :withstupid: :bounce:
Not in Kansas! State Farm wouldn't insure me. Perfect driving record 35yrs old Never had a ticket or wreck. I had to go through $250.00 deductible full coverage, about $450.00 year (nothing else insured with them).
State Farm covered my Busa and my truck, with a good rate. I shopped many other companies before looking at the obvious.