Getting it up......


:sad: Allright, here's what happened.  Bike is just broken in and I have not really torn it up yet.  A guy on a F3 was messing with me coming home this morning, so (naturally) I started blowing him away at the traffic lights.  Then he takes off and rides a wheelie for a little bit so (naturally) I had to show him what a wheelie really was.  Just like my Katana, I took off until I got about 5k RPM, dumped the throttle and snapped the power back on. NOTHING!!!  She wouldn't come up.  Tried again about 4 more times with the same result.  

What do you guys do to get the front up?

I am blaming my fat a@@ for the problem.  I am 6'4" 290#.  The bike has a TRE and a K&N.

Please help as I am bound to run into this guy again.
Just slide your fat a$$ all the way to the rear if it's not already there...You more than likely didn't snap back hard or fast enough...It will pick us lard a$$'e$ up...Keep trying... :devil:

It comes up easily! Im 230 lbs. Punch it in first, you have no choice but to wheelie at least a lil bit.
Yeah Man, Just Get her rolling at about 5500-6K Roll off then snap her open...If it doesn't come up, then just make certain that your actually SNAPPING that throttle open. Should be easy as pie even at 290#.
If you still can't get it up re-gear that bad boy and your problem won't be getting it up but keeping it down.
go -1 down in the front or a couple up in the back... That should help quite a bit. The previous owner of my bike was about 210 and he was able to pull my bike right up without using the clutch with -1 in the front.


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It takes a little practice. You may not wanna admit this, but you prolly aren't whacking it wide open. The beast is a little scarey at first. Keep practicing it... It will come up. My buddy Ben gets it up the same way everone else does while riding on the tank. So, even if you outweigh him (by a bunch) I think riding on the tank more than compensates for that.

Do what everyone else says. And, when you close the throttle and the forks compress, it is a timing issue. You wanna whack it exactly when the forks start to rise.

Keep at it and it will pull up for you. Once you start doing it, every now and then, it will whack you in the chest with th gas tank (while it is coming up). Be prepared for this. The first time knocked my wind out and scared me to death.

Finally, hover the right footsie over the rear brake pedal. If she gets to high or you're worried about looping, slam that foot down, and she will drop hard. Another tank slapping incident, but better than looping!