Getting into bikes...


Yea, im just getting into biking and was thinking about getting a Busa as my first bike to learn on. kidding...IM KIDDING! Well, since I DO want to eventaully get one and this seems like one of the most popular motorcycle forums, I decided to register here. After getting my learners permit, how would you all suggest going about getting into biking? I am going to take lessons, but what kind of bike should I start out with and how can I (being new) learn about motorcycles? Oh, and if you want to know about my size, im 6'0, 190lbs, 34" waist, bench 225...not bragging or anything, but size does set limitations on what bike you can get.....right?

And just for much would insurance run for a older teenager or someone in their low 20's?

Thanks for replies....
Welcome to the Forum

depends on the bike you end up with, insurance can rape you bad.

My advice find yourself a good used bike 600 to 750cc. practice on that. Regular Street Bikes are the best way to learn the ropes. then upgrade to your sport bikes. thats my $0.02
Yes get a used bike first, becuase you are highly likely to wreck it. Preferably something you can buy striaght out so you just have to carry liablility ins, that will be A LOT cheaper. Than full coverage, with the price you will have to pay for full coverage you could practically buy a used bike every year. For your size I suggest a 750, sport or whatever really the standards go almost as fast as the sports so you might as well get what you want... No offense meant but if your stupid it doesn't matter what you get you can kill yourself on anything. You'll make the same rookie mistakes on any bike, might as well make it as soft on your skull and wallet as possible. well, you asked
You will get raped by insurance if you carry full coverage on anything other than 500cc. I am 25 and full coverage on 600 was $1600 a year, and for a 1000 it was $4200 a year! That was with the multi bike discount. By comparison I pay $250 a year for liability.

Also I would get a cheap 600 for a first bike, great power, light weight. Like the early 90's FZR, ZX-6, CBR600, I agree with Zorander on getting a sport bike over a standard since the sport bikes will have better brakes. Plus you will get tired of being on a standard pretty soon since they are just boring.

Oh also save some money to get a decent helmet, good riding jacket and gloves are essential.
Cool....thanks guys.

Well, I guess ill look around for a used R6 I guess.....heard some nice things about the bike.   Also, my parents wont let me get the bike unless im decked out like a kid on his first time without training wheels...oh well, I dont really mind, at least they care

Oh, and when I do feel confident with the 600, would it be way too much to jump onto a liter bike?  

And in your view, which do you think is better, the Kawasaki ZX-12R or Hayabusa.   One friend told me to get the Hayabusa if anything (hes a Suzkuki and Honda junkie...says they are the only things worth the money) and that a Kawasaki will fall apart before I get home.   On the other hand, my other friend says that whoever told me that and that a Ninja is just as reliable as any other bike if maintained the same.  He also said that Kawasaki's are arguably the best street performers...which is where im going to be doing 99% of my driving. Your thoughts?
Jumping from the 600 to a liter bike probably wont be a big deal if you put in the seat time on the 600. Just use your judgment and have fun. All the Japanese bikes are incredibly reliable, I am sure you won't have any troubles with any of them.

Good luck.
Dayam!!! Don't know how it happend...I was 13..had a mini speed...maybe six a Busa...I am 52 years old now...Had 350's 500's 750 honda,78 KZ 1000,85 900 ninja..40k miles,..Fzr600 89..road raced at Sears Point for two years..GSXR1100..Concours 1000..40k miles..lot's of dirt bikes.
Now a Busa..still have to constantly think to not overgasit!!
It's all in the BRAIN....focus...focus........and have fun and be safe...Brain Throttle Brain....YEA!! And Welcome..This place is very Sweet...