gettin her fixed


k thanks to all who chimed in on the front wheel removal I have a jack to pick my bike up so when i got home from work i finished removing all the other stuff to check frame and head tube and forks. I removed the front wheel and the either wheel is bent or front axle is bent and the right fork is bent and I checked the head tube with a bore gauge on top and bottom and everything is looking great. I removed tank and all other misc. stuff and wiring and I checked the frame for bends and tweeks and found nothing I cross measured from head tube to right side of frame on points where measurements would be same and found no problem at all I measured from head tube to engine mount both side and swing arm mount and all measurements came out great so i know that frame is not bent just cracked in that one spot which I can tig weld myself after prepping area. I'm ordering new BST wheels with brembo brakes and new tires metzlers and ohlins shocks and some other stuff to put on while I have it apart thanks for all the help greatly appreciate any help that was offered by anyone on here thank you :bowdown:

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