Get Thee to a Track Day


When I was in college I drove full-sized city buses for the campus transit system (got my passenger CDL 'n everything). I learned in training that the majority of bonehead accidents happen after about 50 hours in the driver's seat.

At that point, the driver has the control of the vehicle down and can operate everything without looking around. They also have a useable sense of the vehicle's performance characteristics and a nascent "situational awareness" on the road.

Of course, this means they're getting cocky. In short, I think I'm getting there again, as if I hadn't learned anything, a decade later.

Now that I've had the 'Busa for about three months and ride it every day, I've found myself *living* above 5000RPM, going WFO from stoplights on deserted (and not so deserted) roads, and generally giving off that "come on, I dare ya" vibe.

I've found out the parts of the powerband that *sound* good, and *feel* good coming out of a turn on a twisty road at full burn with my hair on fire.

People pick up on that stuff. Dorks in chromed-up SUVs and camaros are peeling out from stoplights next to me with increasing frequency, and I -- with the utmost respect for my fellow motorists and a keen sense of social responsibility -- have spanked the crap out of them at each such opportunity.

I've ridden BIG bikes -- like the K-RS -- before, and small FAST bikes -- like the CBR600 -- but not the BIG FAST kind, like the 'Busa. I've taken the BRC a couple of times (once as a referesher), and the ERC on a big BMW. I'll probably do that again on the 'Busa, but that's not what I'm after here.

I've got to work this out -- I can't take this to its logical conclusion. It would be like joining the Dark Side, eh? Street racing, meaningless sex, drunken rioting? Nawww. Gotta go to the track and melt some tires. But where? I live in the armpit of Megalopolis: Washington, DC!

Look, I know that California Superbike or Keith Code and the like has classes at VIR sometimes, but what other outfits would be good to check out on the eastern seaboard -- maybe closer and a skosh cheaper?

(...Preferably with SOMEONE ELSE's bikes, btw, so I don't have to wire and tape up mine, get there with spotless tires, scrape its fairings off the tarmac, etc.)

Thanks (sorry for the long post, it's late)!
Aaaah I know the feeling...
I have to get to a track day soon!
I've been wanting to just rip it up somewhere.
Most of the major motorcycle mags have a pretty detailed School listing.
You don't even need to buy or subscribe. Just jot down what you need at the stand. Or heaven forbid go to your local library.

Are you the MCOYOTE from  As you can tell I am LongbowIP over there too.  I finally sold the RT and Bought Me a BUSA. Yea Baby.

I absolutely love this bike.  Anyway just saying hello.

Sorry for the post whoring

Tony Reed

...Are you the MCOYOTE from  As you can tell I am LongbowIP over there too.  I finally sold the RT and Bought Me a BUSA. Yea Baby. ...
(...BMW? Do they make motorcycles?! Where have I heard that before...)

Yeah, that's me
. Welcome aboard! I suppose if I could afford two bikes the other one would still be an RT or a GS, I dunno.

Nice bunch of folks over there...I've just been too busy to camp out there, which is shame because most of my riding buddies do and plan their rides there. Ah, well...

Once again, it's good to see ya!
Don't know anything about the tracks in your area> but I highly recommend Keith Code's school. It is well worth doing, even more so if you are looking to do a few track days. You will enjoy them much more with some theory and instructional help behind you.

Even very experienced riders have got positive results out of the Keith Code course. Not saying there is anything wrong with the other courses> just can't comment because I haven't done them.
Ok, I've settled on a track SCHOOL -- I just can't stomach risking my daily ride in this exercise. That excludes NESBA, RedDuc, etc.

This is what the selection looks like:

(1) CLASS:

CBR rentals (limited), only 1 day left on the schedule

(2) STAR:

SV rentals (limited), all in CA and NV, 1-2 days, $~1,500

(3) CSS (Keith Code's):

ZX rentals, at VIR and in CA, 1-2 days, $~2,500

(4) KSSS (Kevin Schwantz's):

GSXR rentals, at Road Atlanta, 1-2 days, $~1,400

(5) Freddie Spencer:

CBR rentals, in Las Vegas, 2-3 days, $~2-2.6k

...on the face of it, KSSS looks like the best value by far. Like a lot of you, however, I've read the Keith Code books and since they was just vague and obfuscated enough I think I might do CSS just to see what all the fuss is about.

Anybody else on this site try CSS, KSSS, or Freddie Spencer's school?
I have attended a Keith Code CSS Level 1 and 2, and a Pridmore CLASS.

I was somewhat dissppointed in the Pridmore CLASS. Several of the things that they claim in on the website and that they said in the class that they would do on the track didn't happen, or barely happened - especially the "one-on-one coaching". Also, most of the information that was communicated in class could have been obtained from a good magazine article.

The CSS classes were much better. They discussed topics clearly and in detail, and then thoroughly demonstrated. There was much more on-track coaching.

I agree this this is the best way of going about learning how to ride better. Simply following people aroung the race-track is fun, but doesn't take the place of a good school.

Good luck,