get me another dog

i didnt see the buddy pic, but yeah ya gota have a dog!! im real sorry to hear about your dog having to be put to sleep but it sounds like he had a nice long life!! let us know if you get a dog id like to see pcs of it!!:thumbsup:


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A few months after we lost our beloved dobberman Duke, Mary and I were ready to adopt another dog. We were going to get a puppy, but instead we came home with an older dog who had been at the shelter for a year and a half! The folks at the adoption agency said he had been to over 50 adoption events, but no one wanted an older, black, overweight dog. He is the best behaved, smartest dog I have ever had, and I have had some good ones!:thumbsup:

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You saved him looks like great find.
I havent really decided yet IM KINDA intrested in this 1 also.

Comments say doesnt do well with other dogs needs learn 2 share.
:laugh: Sounds just like my last dog. he is 1 1/2 collie /shepard mix name is scooter



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Pepper is an only dog and does not like me paying attention to another dog. He is a good watch dog too. He thinks the motorcycles are his!:thumbsup:

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