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In preparation for my ride to North Carolina, I decided to invest in some heated gear. The stealership I purchased my bike at was an authorized dealer for Gerbing. It just so happened that since I purchased my bike there, I receive a 15% discount on any gear/parts/etc.
Is this a common thing among stealerships?

I purchased a heated jacket liner, heated socks, and a single temp. controller. Out the door price = $303.64

First Ride Thoughts....

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>Heated Gear is AWESOME!!</span>  

It wasn't the coldest day of the year by any means but it was around high 40's when I was out riding. The comfort level cruising on the highway has just went up by leaps and bounds!! I cruised around for about 3 hours with the temp controller only dialed about half way on. The liner and socks along with my heated grips means I will be riding until the snow flies.

The last time I did some highway riding and it was about the same temp, I wore a thermal, turtleneck, sweatshirt, and mesh riding jacket with liner (still was a little chilled when I got home).

This ride I had on a long sleeve, heated liner and mesh riding jacket and I stayed nice and toasty.

Best way to describe it is by putting a sweatshirt in the dryer for about 10 minutes and then taking it out and putting it on right away. Only that warm feeling doesn't go away after a few minutes...

On to the pics!





Last time I posted pics, it didn't work so here is a link to the pics...





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Glad you're getting what you need! Lots of dealerships give a 10-15% discount on a first purchase. I think that's what I got when I bought my first one. Haven't really been anywhere that I needed cold weather stuff because I usually have the bike put away at that point, but good to know there is some nice stuff out there.


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Looks good, smooth instal on the switch and connectors.

Now all you need is a heated seat and hot chocolate in a camelback.


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I know they have the jacket that have the plugs for the they have a pants that plugs into the socks? and will our stator voltage support all 4 devices at the same time?


(StreetnTrack @ Oct. 02 2006,08:57) Good review, was thinking about carry them.
Charles, if you start carrying the heated gear... I'll buy the set from your dealer buy-in.

How about a group buy?


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I've got heated vest and gloves. I'll use them and ride all winter, mostly comuting back and forth to work. In Virginia Beach, in middle of winter, many days are in the mid-twenties and I stay real warm on a 30 minute ride at 70mph. Stopped at traffic lights, I sometimes start to get a little hot. I wear ski bibs with vest over them and a foul weather jacket over the vest. I've got armored gear now, but it hasn't gotten cold enough to break out the heated gear to try out under it.


I drive in as cold as 10 degree mornings with just heated gloves made by widder and I got to tell you heated gear is the bomb. My hands never get cold now. I went for a 80 mile night ride last winter with heated gloves on and when I got back my feet hurt from the cold but my hands were friggin warm. It was in the 20's that night. Now I ride all year long. No rain or snow I ride.


(riironman @ Oct. 02 2006,12:36) I know they have the jacket that have the plugs for the they have a pants that plugs into the socks? and will our stator voltage support all 4 devices at the same time?
They do make heated pants liners as well. I have purchased the 6K HID kit for my low beam to free up some watts. I still have the stock headlights and ran low beams with the heated grips and jacket liner/socks all on and didn't have any issues. I suppose I was only using about half the watts on the liner and socks because I never turned the dial more than half way on. I think with the HID kit you should be able to run all 4 devices.


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