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Man I am seeing that some are you are from Australia, Hong Kong, and most are from the US, please respond to this post so that we can see where everyone is from.


The Captain is from Oklahoma, US


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The more that you post on this site, the more interesting things that will be on here. Keep coming back and for sure post topics and ideas or questions that you have.
hello all,

    I'm originally from western NY, but I'm currently stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hi.  I could really use somebody's help because I bought a 2001 'Bus in Australia, and had it sent over to the US.   Customs cleared it (which was a mistake), and now I can't register the d*amn
thing...  it's killing me to see this bike just sit in my garage...  If anybody can give me a direction to go, I would REALLY appreciate it:)

     Thanks everybody,



Dis in my way!
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Sounds like you are in the military, I think that military personell can get a special deal on vehicles shipped to the US. That might be a good start.
My ship just came back from a western pacific deployment, and customs considered it "household goods", so no tax. The problem is, I need a spec sheet on my bike versus an American model. What has to be changed for it to be legal in the US. EPA and DOT.
Yorkshire (England)
Where the roads are crap,  the weather is crap and the plod are crap, but am only an hour away from some beutiful rides, roads and scenery.
Hi all !!!!
from Elizabeth Lake in California
have a 01 black\silver- 1994 honda xr650l, 1987 rm 250- got all areas covered- except the cruiser- will come soon though.
how's it going?
Quote: from captain on 5:flamethrowing: am on Nov. 23, 2001
Hey Blue what is PLOD?
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Sorry it's English slang for Cop's, police, pigs, b'sards and bizzies !! you get the drift ?

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Hello Cap'n.  I am from Anchorage, Alaska.   I own a Copper '99 'busa since new.


"Where the roads are long and the days even longer".

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