genmar, or helibars?

Hey busa gods and goddesses :bowdown:, I own an 08 busa and want to extend the bars for comfort. What do you think is better: genmar risers? or helibars? What do you think?


Havent tried any but if ever I would go with them heli's. Read too many reviews and all pointing in that direction! + they don't alter the look much...


I got Heli-Bars and they are better; however, I'm going to add a GenMar too. After that mod I have done everything known to busakind (mankind but with a busa) to relax the position on my 09. Ballz drop seat, Heli-Bars, Buell Pegs. Thanx Steve


I've got the Genmar risers on my '06 and it looks like it belongs there. Can't say I've even seen the Helibars version, anyone got pics of theirs?


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I have 1 1/4" Genmar's simple to put on. The only down side is I had to rotate the levers foward slightly to allow the resivor caps to clear the wind screen. Didn't notice any comfort differnces. Enjoy whatever you decide.
ive got the soupys lowering block they are just like genmars only lighter and less expensive, i love them they look good and hard to tell they are even on the bike.

soupy lowering block.jpg

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On the Gen 1 bike, you can use both... I had the Helibar and 3/4" risers..

You could try adding the 3/4 riser (contact DR1300R for them, and they are really budget priced) and if that is not enough, then get the Helibars..

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