General turbo install questions... joy!!!


First things first... I ordered a Stage 1 Ghetto with an external blow off, JE Turbo Pistons and spacers/cam sprockets from Dennis.

Installing the Turbo Pistons is there any tools needed, like a ring compressor?

Setting the APE adjustable cam sprockets, is there a wheel needed or is there markings?

What should the Cam sprockets be set to? I would like to run a 6PSI map and the best I could find was 105/105 and some peeps were even running a 107/105

I work in a computer repair shop but at the age of 10, I always helped my Dad out with anything need at the local body shop. I grew up in Body Shops and i'm not afraid of taking stuff apart nor had any problems with putting them back together.

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For installing pistons, you can use your fingers, I think that is what most use. Having head studs instead of bolts make putting the cylinder on a lot easier.

Yep you need a degree wheel and piston stop to degree the cams, APE sell them.


I found the wheel just no piston stop

I'm About to call APE and tell them what im doing and they need to tell me what I need and then ship it

I about to order...

Clutch Support images missing

Billet Sprocket Cover images missing

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