gen2 decat openion.


hi i hv a tbr slipons on my gen2 bussa,now am planing to remove the catalic converter from header pipe.i hv got 2 options for this.

1. i can remove catlic pipe and add a custom made decat pipe locally made which will have no catalic converter.

2. My mechanic is suggesting to remove all the filters inside the catlic pipe which comes with header after doing this exhaust will become free flow.This process will help in maintaining good initial pick up.

(am fixing pcv also) ur suggestions plz
I replaced the full system with a 4 into 1, from Yoshimura. I like the asymmetrical appearance of the single side exhaust system.
i have the same pipes and decatted my stock header. i cut the top open and cleaned out both chambers and put it back together. i left both chambers seperated instead of making them one. sounds a little meaner and seems to keep my legs a bit cooler.