Gen2 Busa & K7-K11 1K Flashers on Sale


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Would like to move some of the BoostBySmith gen 2 flashers, $200 plus shipping normal price.

Will run a short sale for a couple of weeks at $150 plus shipping. This is for my flasher only, not the woolich USB or logbox.

email me (no PMs please, my phone doesn't play nice on the forums and almost impossible to respond on it) for payment details

ECU Flashing

In case you are wondering the differences between mine and the Woolich USB Flasher
- Larger case, larger toggle switch, no leds
- Datalogging with laptop connected is at a lower frequency, so if you plan to datalog to tune Justins box would work better for that, more datapoints in a given amount of time
- From a flashing perspective no real difference, flashes at same speed, can read and clear codes, view engine data etc.

Just not selling many of them these days as the normal price is only $25 less than the Woolich USB ones that I also sell. Figured a little sale may help move some that have been sitting on the shelf LOL.